Thursday 360 Challenge

Thursday 365 pic 3Hey, folks, guess what? That’s right. Thursday 360 is back!

After going on hiatus for about a month, Thursday 360 is finally back.

So, if you’re a Christian writer and you think you can write a mind-blowing short story in 360 words or less? Bring your best flash fiction game and let’s see what you’ve got!

Here’s How it Works

New posts will publish here on Thursdays. Write a 360-word (or less) flash fiction story based on the photo prompt (featured near the bottom of this post) and enter it in the comments section below. The results will be posted the following Thursday along with the new prompt. Winner will get the opportunity to display the Champion’s Badge on their website.

updated thursday 360 e-badge

Rules and What-not

The rules are pretty simple. All entries for the current challenge must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday, June 8th. They must be original, unpublished stories inspired by the photo prompt and they must have no more than 360 words (title doesn’t count). Stories don’t have to be Christian in subject matter, but cannot contain foul language, erotic, anti-Christian content, etc… (Let’s try to keep it G-rated, folks.) By posting, you attest that your entry conforms to these rules; I am in no way liable if it doesn’t. I reserve the right to reject/delete anything that does not follow the rules.

All entries remain the property of their authors.


The Prompt

And here’s the prompt for this week’s challenge.

Remember the deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday, June 8th.

 five men in suits 2

Also, remember to become a follower so you can get email notifications of results and new posts.


Check out Christian Flash Weekly after you’re done for another great contest to help you hone your short fiction skills.

7 thoughts on “Thursday 360 Challenge

  1. Do You See Me?

    WC: 123

    Do you see me?

    I am Danger.

    Do you see my friends?

    They are Deceit. Addiction. Greed.

    Do you see us together?

    We are Death.

    We are Death and we are coming.

    No one can withstand us. No one can destroy us. Run to your houses. Hide under the bed. Your weapons cannot stop us; your screams are like music—a symphony of the highest quality—to our ears. No one here can save you.

    The One who can save you is far away; abandoned by you. Remember church? Remember quitting? Remember screaming at God? Remember walking away?

    You didn’t know we were out there, did you?

    Now it’s time for us to come knocking.

    And you have nowhere to run.

    Not anymore.

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  2. A Father Just the Same

    It was hard to believe.

    I stood for a moment looking around at the faces that resonated within the archives of my memory, once so familiar, now so different…and yet somehow the same.

    It was hard to believe that we were all here, together again after all these years. Yet here we were, with so much to say and no words to say it in and all thinking about the same thing, the same person…and all the years we should have come back to visit and didn’t.

    He was our teacher, our mentor, and friend.

    He was our challenger, our motivator, and ally.

    The man who took time for us, believed in us when no one else would.

    The man who invested his life in us and went beyond the mere capacity of duty.

    He took us in, five juvenile delinquents, who really deserved to do time instead of getting a second chance.

    He could have thrown the book at us that day so long ago when we stood in his courtroom awaiting our fate, never knowing how he would change our lives forever and help us become the men we were meant to be.

    We weren’t related, not by blood, but he was our father just the same.

    Approx. Word Count: 211


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