The King’s Son

armor(Winner of CFW Event #12)


Rylan stared at the endless expanse of Illtydian soldiers stretching out for miles across the rolling green hills of the Takuma Downs. Ominous gray thunderheads billowed in from the north, threatening a violent storm and blanketing the land in an eerie, dim blue light.

Rylan stood atop the hill to which his army had just retreated.

He could see the Illtydians reforming into lines, preparing for the next battle. Continue reading “The King’s Son”

Angel on the Street

Savannah Skyline 2 reflection(As seen in CFW Event #11)


The bell above the door jangled as Alicia pulled it closed. She heaved a weary sigh, locked up, and turned to go. She stopped and inhaled a deep breath of cool night air. It felt good after being cooped up inside all day. She glanced up at the bleak, smog-blanketed sky of New York. If only she could go back to the sweet days of her childhood back in Montana. Before she’d lost her parents, before her husband abandoned her and their daughter, before all the heartache and weariness that burdened her soul like iron weights crushing the life out of her. Continue reading “Angel on the Street”

Until Today

lightstock_6289_xsmall_peripheral_images(As seen in CFW Event #10)


Hezekiah Tyrell Cooper shuffled down the busy Chicago sidewalk. He was just a face in the crowd. At a glance he was a well-dressed, handsome, young, black man, probably worked at a law firm or financial corporation. If the observer were to look closer, they would see that the mouth drooped at the sides, the feet moved slow and aimlessly, and the deep brown eyes were heavy-lidded, red-rimmed, cast down in desolation at the pavement. However, even the closest observer couldn’t tell who he really was. Continue reading “Until Today”

No Turning Back

lightstock_65544_medium_novelaficionada(As featured on the back cover of the Winter 2013-2014 issue of Evangel)


She was young and scared with nowhere to turn.

She was pregnant and alone with a lot to learn.

She’d been told, “It’s your right to choose,”

But they never told her what she would lose.

She walked in for the operation,

She walked out to self-condemnation.

It was only a fetus, she told herself, It wasn’t a baby;

That’s what they say, but maybe —

Maybe they’re wrong. Continue reading “No Turning Back”