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277684763_409569340520839_7568488923033767184_nWhitney L. Schwartz is the author of Grace Like Rain and the Carlingford Chronicles series. Her work has appeared in Evangel, Time of Singing magazine, The Cresset, Splickety Love magazine, and LightandLifeMagazine.com.

Whitney has contributed to the FEBC Gospel Blog, she has been a four-time guest judge for Christian Flash Weekly, and her short story “Remember Where Your Home Is” was chosen as a semi-finalist for The 2014 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize.

Grace Like Rain

Grace Like Rain is a 30-day devotional book full of inspirational and informative messages on relevant topics with a recurring theme of God’s grace to all mankind.

Excerpt from the book: “Grace is God’s infinite love, comfort, and forgiveness of His children.  Grace is the blood flowing down from the pierced body on the cross and washing away our sins, cleansing us in its purity.  Grace is God’s gift offered freely to all mankind—infinite, unimaginable, amazing.”

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Mona Lisa: Carlingford Chronicles Book 1

A feud. A freak accident. A forbidden love.

The sparks are going to fly.

Mona Lisa McLeod and Brogan Shay live on opposite sides of a hundred year feud. The sides are clearly defined and Mona and Brogan are content to leave it that way.

Whenever they meet, the sparks fly between them like a striker on flint. They’re constantly butting heads. However, chance seems determined to throw them together. They’ve always gone together like matches and dynamite yet romance brews between them as they are forced to remain in each other’s presence through an intense situation. Before they know it, they’ve fallen in love and they cross the line into a secret romance, but will it survive? Will the feud between their families kill their love? Or will outside forces kill them?

Set in 1800, Carlingford, Ireland, this novella brings a tale interwoven with faith, drama, humor, and passionate romance.

Fall in love with Mona and Brogan’s story set against the vibrant culture and countryside of historical Ireland.

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Robin Adair: Carlingford Chronicles Book 2https://www.amazon.com/Robin-Adair-Carlingford-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B01F05TKV4

A marriage of convenience. A hidden love. A gambler out for revenge.

Robin Adair and Shane O’Reilly grew up together. Robin’s been sweet on him since their schoolyard days, but Shane’s always been a wild child.

Robin’s life, with her sick mother and abusive father, has never been easy. When the situation worsens to the point where she can’t bear to live in her father’s house anymore, she’s desperate for a way of escape.

Shane has spent so much time at the pub, it’s become more home than his house. However, he’s also become too well acquainted with the bottle and the cards. When Shane finds himself in over his head with gambling debts, he’s desperate for a solution.

Robin and Shane find their way out in a marriage of convenience.

Will their marriage be loveless or will romance bloom between them? Will Shane change his ways or will his past catch up with him? And will they survive when a disgruntled townsman comes looking for revenge?

Set in 1801, Carlingford, Ireland, the second installment of the Carlingford Chronicles trilogy mingles faith and drama with humor and romance.

Fall in love with Robin and Shane’s story set against the vivid backdrop of historical Ireland.

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9 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Morning Whitney. I can’t seem to message you on your Facebook, so this will have to do. I am interested in using the picture from your Nov. 20, 2013 blog entitled “The Bible…Rewritten?: Biblical Truth & Cultural Values for a book cover photo. Can you help me out? Did you take it, or is there someone I can contact for permission? Thanks!
    Btw…love your writing…


    1. Hey, Bob, thank you. I’m glad you liked my article. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but if you’re talking about the image on the FEBC website, then FEBC chose that picture to accompany the post. You would have to contact them about where they found the image. You can try to contact them at this email address: newmedia@febc.org. Good luck and God bless. 🙂


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