Beautiful, In Its Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“What do ya say? Should we give it a shot?” Andy asked.

Kris sighed and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Andy stared at his son for several moments and nodded.

Nothing he did seemed to meet with approval from the sixteen-year-old. He’d thought finding a car for him would make him happy. Getting a clunker would be affordable and they could spend time together restoring it. However, it seemed even this idea was falling flat.

Kris cocked his head to the side as he looked at the beat-up old Camaro. Continue reading “Beautiful, In Its Time”

In the Presence of my Enemies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“It was June of 1941,” said Walter Cross, looking at his grandson through the steam rising from his coffee, “I hadn’t been in the army more than a few months when I was captured by the Nazis. They sent me to a POW labor camp. They worked us all day and didn’t feed us enough to keep a kitten alive. Half the men I came in with never came out.”

Matt looked intently at his grandfather.

World War II, Nazis, and labor camps were only things he’d ever read about or seen in movies. His grandfather had lived it.

“What was it like?” Matt asked. Continue reading “In the Presence of my Enemies”

Ten Things

lightstock_66582_medium_peripheral_images(Winner of CFW Event #18)


Taking that first drink when he was seventeen. That was the first major mistake of his life. One drink had led to another and then… he was hooked.


Stopping by the side of the road to help Jenny Garman change a flat tire. That was one of the good choices he’d made. They’d known each other vaguely before then. Seen each other as they walked through the halls of Dearbrook High, but after he’d helped her that day it had spurred a friendship. He never really understood it, at least on her part. She must have seen something good in him. Maybe she saw what he could be. Continue reading “Ten Things”