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Hey, friends, great news! The second installment in the Carlingford Chronicles novella trilogy is now available at in Kindle and paperback.

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new Robin Adair front cover with titleRobin Adair:
Carlingford Chronicles Book 2
by Whitney L. Schwartz

A marriage of convenience. A hidden love. A gambler out for revenge.

Robin Adair and Shane O’Reilly grew up together. Robin’s been sweet on him since their schoolyard days, but Shane’s always been a wild child.

Robin’s life, with her sick mother and abusive father, has never been easy. When the situation worsens to the point where she can’t bear to live in her father’s house anymore, she’s desperate for a way of escape.

Shane has spent so much time at the pub, it’s become more home than his house. However, he’s also become too well acquainted with the bottle and the cards. When Shane finds himself in over his head with gambling debts, he’s desperate for a solution.

Robin and Shane find their way out in a marriage of convenience.

Will their marriage be loveless or will romance bloom between them? Will Shane change his ways or will his past catch up with him? And will they survive when a disgruntled townsman comes looking for revenge?

Set in 1801, Carlingford, Ireland, the second installment of the Carlingford Chronicles trilogy mingles faith and drama with humor and romance.

Fall in love with Robin and Shane’s story set against the vivid backdrop of historical Ireland.

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Loving Carter Scott

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Become New

Leona stared, unseeing, at the small grungy duplex. Her eyes fixed upon the fading gray door and penetrated through the walls to her past. That night so long ago came rushing back like a tidal flood and nearly drowned her once again in the pain of it all. She could see the others—homies, out for a good time and looking for themselves. They couldn’t abandon her fast enough when the cops showed up. Continue reading “Become New”

Finding the Sun

Photo “seattle rain.” taken 12/12/10 by Ryan Heaney. Made available at under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


The city lights gleamed upon the wet concrete, streams of luster among a hard sea of darkness. Raindrops continued falling from the black night sky, rippling in puddles and slipping down the window panes of the café in glassy rivulets.

April took a sip of coffee and watched through the window as a woman with a black umbrella slipped an envelope into the blue USPS drop box along the sidewalk. What words were contained Continue reading “Finding the Sun”

What is Easter Really All About?


 As Easter approaches, many of us will be thinking increasingly about what we’re going to be doing come next Sunday—wear that new dress we bought, attend our Easter service, eat too much, take family photos, and, for those with children, probably cleaning up candy wrappers and plastic Easter egg shells. But that’s not really what Easter’s all about. Easter is about Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross to save us from our sins and the hope that we have in His resurrection. Easter, at its core, is a time to commemorate this, to celebrate it, and be thankful for it. However, all too often it ends up getting lost somewhere behind a giant bunny in a pile of candy-colored Easter grass. Don’t get me wrong, I like holiday festivities. But it’s also important to remember why we’re celebrating.

 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and…

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Love, Tea Gardens, and Converse Sneakers

Photo “Untitled” taken 2/21/10 by Paola Camargo. Made available at under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.


As out of place as a river bass in a teacup. That’s what I was. From my mint green nails to my blue Converse sneakers.

Yet here I was at a formal tea in a Victorian garden with my future in-laws.

I wanted nothing more than to melt into a puddle and seep down between the cracks of the Travertine tiles beneath my shoes. Continue reading “Love, Tea Gardens, and Converse Sneakers”

Hidden Treasures

Photo "Light Night" taken 9/28/10 by amanda tipton. Made available at under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.

Photo “Light Night” taken 9/28/10 by amanda tipton. Made available at under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.


“They’re all empty,” Dan said looking down into the chest.

Dust particles swirled in the sunrays that shone through the dusty panes of the attic windows. The place looked like a thrift store and an antique shop had gotten married and taken up residence there. Aunt Maud had insisted on bringing him up to look at her “treasures”. Dan had protested. He was sure she’d never be able to make it up the ladder. He’d stood below, telling her not to be unreasonable and expecting every moment to have to catch the thin-boned mass of blue chiffon and bobby pins. Continue reading “Hidden Treasures”