Fount of Every Blessing

lightstock_170293_medium_peripheral_images“I never really knew what rock bottom felt like before…but now I do.”

“That bad?”

Michaela shook her head. “You have no idea.”

“Well, tell me about it, honey.”

Michaela looked up at the red-haired waitress.

The name tag on the pink apron said Eileen and the pot of coffee in her hand sent up hazy tendrils.

Michaela forced a smile of thanks. “You wouldn’t want to hear it.”

“Sure, I would.” Eileen sat down in the booth across the table, Continue reading “Fount of Every Blessing”

The Cliffs of Roan

the cliffs of roan pic 2Eowyn’s heart beat in rhythm with the cadence of Marachar’s hooves as they kicked up dirt beneath them.

Her breath came quick and hard and hazy in the cold evening air.

Her flaxen curls flew out wildly behind her and the hem of her dress whipped around her ankles.

The pounding hooves behind her sounded like thunder in her Elven ears.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw the Tachat warrior close behind her, Continue reading “The Cliffs of Roan”

Between the Lines: Mona & Brogan’s Wedding

mona and brogan blog picCan you believe it? In just ten days, on December 1st, my novella Mona Lisa is being released. In honor of the occasion here’s a sneak peek into the wedding of my main characters Mona and Brogan.

What She Wore:

Mona wore a pale blue dress for her wedding. Traditional Irish wedding dresses were blue rather than white. Blue represented purity. Possibly because blue is the color associated with the virgin Mary. So before white came to be the go-to wedding hue, blue was the color that Irish brides wore. Continue reading “Between the Lines: Mona & Brogan’s Wedding”

5 Things Writers Can Learn from Hallmark Christmas Movies

5 Things Writers Can Learn from Hallmark Christmas Movies pic

Cue a jingly Christmas tune. Close-up shots of Christmas ornaments. Fade in and out actors credits followed by a Christmas-y, possibly clever, potentially cheesy title. Now enter the main players, they aren’t in love, then they are, then they aren’t, and then they are again. Yet more often than not we’ll tune in to watch them or record them on our DVR and walk away with satisfaction. So, the question is…why? And what can we, as writers, learn from them? Continue reading “5 Things Writers Can Learn from Hallmark Christmas Movies”

Character Spotlight: Mona

mona lisa mona portrait 2The release date of my novella Mona Lisa is one month away! Can you believe it? In honor of the occasion here’s a sneak peek into the life of my heroine Mona.


Mona Lisa McLeod (Mah-cloud) is twenty years old. She was born on the eighth of March, 1780 and grew up in the small seaside town of Carlingford on the Northeastern coast of Ireland.

Mona’s father Declan died from tuberculosis when she was only nine and her mother passed away from pneumonia six years later. This left Mona to Continue reading “Character Spotlight: Mona”