God With Us

ben-white-170483His fingers slid around the iron handle of the dagger beneath his cloak and he squared his shoulders, standing between his family and the men in the doorway

They were obviously foreigners, but, from their diverse appearances, they looked to be each from a different place.

Who were they?

The clothes that they wore were no pauper’s rags. They looked to be exceedingly wealthy, but that would beg the question, why were they here? Continue reading “God With Us”

Footsteps of the Angels

sand footprints 2Their footfalls fell noiselessly upon the concrete as they passed between the marble pillars that lined the front of the brick building.


Students milled down the paved pathways to and from classes, jogged out of dorm halls and hurried to a lecture about to begin.


The humans passed by them, walked through them, unknowing.


Argider glanced at a girl alone on a bench. Continue reading “Footsteps of the Angels”

The Mysterious Ones

subwayIt was August when I started seeing them. At first it scared the living daylights out of me. I thought I was losing my mind. I told my friends about it. They thought so too. So I stopped telling them about it.


The first time I saw one was just after midnight, three weeks ago Friday.


I was in bed reading Tolkien on my Kindle when a movement in my periphery drew my attention.


I glanced to the right. My heart rammed into the walls of my chest and tingles shot through my body. There it was—or he—or she—I don’t know, but there it was, standing by my dresser. Continue reading “The Mysterious Ones”

Angel on the Street

Savannah Skyline 2 reflection(As seen in CFW Event #11)


The bell above the door jangled as Alicia pulled it closed. She heaved a weary sigh, locked up, and turned to go. She stopped and inhaled a deep breath of cool night air. It felt good after being cooped up inside all day. She glanced up at the bleak, smog-blanketed sky of New York. If only she could go back to the sweet days of her childhood back in Montana. Before she’d lost her parents, before her husband abandoned her and their daughter, before all the heartache and weariness that burdened her soul like iron weights crushing the life out of her. Continue reading “Angel on the Street”