The Cliffs of Roan

the cliffs of roan pic 2Eowyn’s heart beat in rhythm with the cadence of Marachar’s hooves as they kicked up dirt beneath them.

Her breath came quick and hard and hazy in the cold evening air.

Her flaxen curls flew out wildly behind her and the hem of her dress whipped around her ankles.

The pounding hooves behind her sounded like thunder in her Elven ears.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw the Tachat warrior close behind her, Continue reading “The Cliffs of Roan”

Footsteps of the Angels

sand footprints 2Their footfalls fell noiselessly upon the concrete as they passed between the marble pillars that lined the front of the brick building.


Students milled down the paved pathways to and from classes, jogged out of dorm halls and hurried to a lecture about to begin.


The humans passed by them, walked through them, unknowing.


Argider glanced at a girl alone on a bench. Continue reading “Footsteps of the Angels”

The King’s Son

armor(Winner of CFW Event #12)


Rylan stared at the endless expanse of Illtydian soldiers stretching out for miles across the rolling green hills of the Takuma Downs. Ominous gray thunderheads billowed in from the north, threatening a violent storm and blanketing the land in an eerie, dim blue light.

Rylan stood atop the hill to which his army had just retreated.

He could see the Illtydians reforming into lines, preparing for the next battle. Continue reading “The King’s Son”