Third Window from the Left

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

There it was. Third window from the left, five floors up. The white lace curtains still hung down from the silver rod like a veil concealing the treasure behind it.

He could still see Larisa standing there that day eight years ago. He’d turned back one last time and cast a glance up toward her window. She stood, curtains parted, looking down at him with a look that sent shards of longing and remorse through his heart. Yet he’d gotten in his car and driven away. Continue reading “Third Window from the Left”

Beautiful, In Its Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“What do ya say? Should we give it a shot?” Andy asked.

Kris sighed and shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Andy stared at his son for several moments and nodded.

Nothing he did seemed to meet with approval from the sixteen-year-old. He’d thought finding a car for him would make him happy. Getting a clunker would be affordable and they could spend time together restoring it. However, it seemed even this idea was falling flat.

Kris cocked his head to the side as he looked at the beat-up old Camaro. Continue reading “Beautiful, In Its Time”