“Come on, Lucas, you’re gonna get caught.”

“No, I’m not; this firewall’s about as complicated as a Pop-Tart,” he answered, fingers flying across his keyboard. “I’ll be in and out before anyone knows I was there.”

Jackson shook his head as he watched the codes streaming down the computer screen. “Dude, this is serious. We could go to jail for something like this.” Continue reading “HACK3R”

Worth Fighting For

Photo Credit, David Niblack, Imagebase.net

Photo Credit, David Niblack, Imagebase.net

She felt his presence as he sat down beside her on the concrete step. He didn’t speak, and neither did she.


The susurrus sound of rippling waves washing in upon the shore mingled with the laughter of happy couples in rowboats. A sanderling twittered by the dock. An old woman by the parking lot was handing out roses for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading “Worth Fighting For”