Walking the Line in Christian Fiction

lightstock_91821_medium_peripheral_imagesAs Christians we have a responsibility to write in a way that does not lead our readers toward sin. It is our responsibility to keep our work clean and not write in a way that would dishonor God.

As writers, we want to create high quality work with a realism that plunges our readers headfirst into our stories, but there is a line Continue reading “Walking the Line in Christian Fiction”

Sailing the Seven C’s of a Better Blog

lightstock_75566_medium_novelaficionadaAnyone who can use the internet can blog, but it takes more than key-taps and mouse-clicks to craft a well-formed post.  So here are seven easy steps to help you make a better blog.

1: Condensability

Keep it short.  If you’re writing a how-to or a business blog, save your long-winded literary commentaries for another day.  Stay on topic and say what needs to be said.  If you go into long run-on thoughts and explanations, you’re likely to lose your readers.  Continue reading “Sailing the Seven C’s of a Better Blog”