Book Review – “Mona Lisa: The Carlingford Chronicles, Part I”

A great review of Mona Lisa by John Mark Miller.

The Artistic Christian

Mona Lisa - Carlingford Chronicles 1



I really don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of romance novels, so when I was first approached about writing this review I’ll admit I had my hesitations. But in the end I rolled the literary dice and took a chance on this Christian novel, and I’m glad I did.

Mona Lisa, by Whitney L. Schwartz, is a truly heartwarming story of love and second chances, set against the charming backdrop of Old Ireland. As you encounter the first few pages you may feel slightly bogged down by the old Irish jargon, but once the colorful characters and their fiery Irish spirit steal your heart you’ll be grateful for the wit and subtle sarcasm of their daily banter.

The story introduces readers to Mona Lisa McLeod, a spunky Irish beauty who turns the head of nearly every man in town with her quick wit and hot temper…

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