Thursday 360 Challenge

Welcome to Thursday 360!

Are you a Christian writer? Think you can write a mind-blowing short story in 360 words or less? Let’s see what you’ve got!

Here’s How it Works

New posts will publish here on Thursdays. Write a 360-word (or less) flash fiction story based on the photo prompt (featured near the bottom of this post) and enter it in the comments section below. The results will be posted the following Thursday along with the new prompt. Winner will get the opportunity to display the Champion’s Badge on their website.

Rules and What-not

The rules are pretty simple. All entries for the current challenge must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday, April 6th. They must be original, unpublished stories inspired by the photo prompt and they must have no more than 360 words (title doesn’t count). Stories don’t have to be Christian in subject matter, but cannot contain foul language, erotic, anti-Christian content, etc… (Let’s try to keep it G-rated, folks.) By posting, you attest that your entry conforms to these rules; I am in no way liable if it doesn’t. I reserve the right to reject/delete anything that does not follow the rules.

All entries remain the property of their authors.

Results for Last Week’s Challenge

Everyone Has a Story by John Mark Miller: A touching portrayal of the sorrow and forgotten life of a homeless man. I usually like happy endings, or at least the hope of one, but this was a well-written piece and the ending just added to its poignancy.

I am…. by Daleen Cowgar: A metaphorical interpretation of the attributes that should be part of a Christian’s life. The figurative depth and poetic repetition of this piece appealed to me.

Rover, The Faithful by Charles W. Short: The story of a dog used by God to enact His will on earth and save lives. A distinct take on the prompt with a unique perspective.

“Bad Weather” Christian by Real Momma Ramblings: The story of a man who has fallen away from his faith only to come back again when he needs the Lord’s help. A piece full of truth, exposing a problem all too common in our culture.

Champion: John Mark Miller

Congratulations! Here’s your e-badge, John.

updated thursday 360 e-badge


And here’s a shout-out for Charles W. Short’s entry for last week’s challenge, Anna Mae’s Cover. This story didn’t get the recognition it deserved because I inadvertently left it in moderation.

The Prompt

And here’s the prompt for this week’s challenge.

Remember the deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday, April 6th.


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Check out Christian Flash Weekly after you’re done for another great contest to help you hone your short fiction skills.

21 thoughts on “Thursday 360 Challenge

  1. Effectual Fervent Prayer Availeth Much

    “Lord, how did it come to this?”

    Robert was praying for what might be the last time, in the church he had grown up in.

    “Father if it’s possible, keep this sanctuary open, even if for just one more day.”

    Outside, an angry gay man and councilman, was ordering the bulldozers to start. When he was informed that someone was still inside he retorted that one less Christian in the world would be an added perk. He had arranged for the event to be broadcast live and he was relishing the attention.

    “I know you have a purpose in all things, and I know you have a purpose in how the world has changed, but Lord, please, hear my request.”

    The operators shrugged and started their machines. They didn’t want to hurt anyone, but nobody crossed a homosexual anymore, especially not this one. Doing so would likely cost you your job and maybe your freedom.

    Over the past couple of years the legal protections for homosexuals had grown, allowing them to bully anyone who did not openly advocate for their lifestyle. For churches this meant they had a choice between abandoning Biblical theology or losing their property and their legal right to exist in this country. Some went both ways. Robert’s church refused, and had failed at an attempt to go underground. The pastor was in jail, and most of the members were scattered.

    The operators didn’t start, so the leader walked up between them and waved his arm in a dramatic “forward ho” movement. Both men set their clutches at the same time, the dozers lurching abruptly forward at the demand. Unfortunately, in his rush the operator on the right did not notice the machine set to turn left. Similarly the frazzled operator on the left didn’t notice his machine was set to turn right.

    “Father, I trust your decision, but I know you want to hear my requests. Please show your power and let this place remain another day.”

    Outside the dozers jumped into motion, not forward, but toward each other, crushing the councilman between their two blades.

    The investigation would take several days.

    356 words

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    1. This is exactly how things could be in the not too distant future unless God’s people take a stand against the sin and hate so prevalent in today’s society. I maybe would have done the ending a little differently, but good on ya for tackling a hot topic with truth and courage.


    2. Poignant, just read a devotional on loving those who oppose. The world is so full of hate, at the moment, which is so unfortunate. Many people are in disbelief as to the current events. Only God is able to restore. Pray for this nation, indeed.

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  2. In This World

    It’s not fair, Lord; it’s not fair. Why are you doing this to me?

    Kneeling in the silent sanctuary, Michael sent desperate prayers heavenward.

    I’m no saint, but I’m a good man. I go to church every Sunday. I give to charity. I’ve always trusted you, Lord. How can you take my son away from me? He’s so young. He doesn’t deserve to die. And his mama and I—we can’t lose him, Lord. We just can’t.

    “In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

    Michael turned at the voice and found a middle-aged man with frayed-cuff jeans standing in the aisle, a Bible in his right hand.

    Michael shook his head, tears blurring his vision. “That’s easy for you to say. You’re not losing your baby boy to leukemia.”

    “No…my wife has breast cancer.”

    Michael frowned and he stared at the man in disbelief. “And you don’t blame God?”

    “I did… until I realized something.”


    “That life’s not fair…because of sin, we have death and suffering in this world. But God has a master plan for each and every one of our lives. For those of us who follow Him, we have the peace and assurance of His promises. That doesn’t mean we get a free pass through all the bad things in the world, but it does mean that He’ll be walking along right beside us, loving us, holding us, and, at the end of the road, we have the hope of eternal life. Not because of anything that we’ve done—because no man can earn salvation—but because of God’s great love and sacrifice for us on the cross. Life isn’t fair. God never told us it would be, but if we stay true and follow Him… What can stand against us?” He smiled and asked, “Do you know John 16:33?”

    Michael shook his head and the man answered with the scripture. “I have told you these things, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have oppression; but cheer up! I have overcome the world.”

    Approx. Word Count: 359
    Host Entry—Not Eligible to Win

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  3. Midnight Faith


    A loving Father looks down.
    A hurt child turns away.
    The pain of the world
    Is too great for him.

    The deceptions
    Have him trapped.
    He doesn’t know
    How to look up.
    He doesn’t know
    How to ask for help.

    “Wait, Child, wait.”
    The Father says.
    “The world will change
    Because of you
    When the time has come.”

    Those looking on
    Cannot see the change.
    The slight spark of hope,
    And the quick glance up.

    His Spirit has awoken,
    The fire is being lit.
    The spoken prayer
    Has broken the chains
    Holding him down.

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    1. I know this really isn’t a poetry contest…but I was working on my introduction this morning and just used what I wrote for that. I couldn’t think of anything else to write. *shrug*


    2. Their is a raging debate out there in some circles as to whether poetry is a special form of flash fiction. Although I wouldn’t go that way, I think you entry is still well done and appropriate to the prompt.

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      1. Haha. This is the first poem that I’ve written that I actually like. I had a unit all about poetry for school a year back and totally hated it. I don’t think I would call it flash fiction though. Poetry is….well, poetry. 🙂


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